Storming The Castle

Friday7:00 PMFairlane Right Song, Right Time Whether it's a full concert or a few songs in a Filk circle, picking the perfect song for a given moment can be challenging. Panelists will talk about the many varied approaches to how they pick and arrange songs for a given setting, about giving song introductions, having potential backup songs prepared, and more. Mark Bernstein (M), Eric Distad, Jen Distad
Friday9:00 PMFairlane Concert by The Faithful Sidekicks The Faithful Sidekicks are the Acoustic Geek Rock/Filk duo of Eric and Jen Distad. They write and perform an eclectic mix of original catchy songs about the geeky stuff they love from comedic pop songs like "Han Solo For President" to love songs written in SQL Code, and everything in between. They have released two CDs, the most recent being "Achievement Unlocked". Eric Distad, Jen Distad
Friday10:00 PMFairlane Theme Circle: Hello Computer Songs about living with (or in spite of) Computer Technology and the Internet. Hosted by Jen and Eric Distad. Eric Distad, Jen Distad
Friday11:00 PMFairlane Open Music Circle   
Saturday12:00 PMFairlane Concert by Random Fractions This Chicago-area trio combines guitar, bass, keyboard, and smooth harmonies into a musical journey through life's quirky adventures and marvelous journeys with a sound that is part folk, part rock, and part something we can't quite define...but we know it's fun!  
Saturday1:00 PMFairlane Workshop: ChordPro and You A beginning tutorial on the software that you can use to build your electronic songbook. Steve Macdonald, Daniel Gunderson
Saturday2:00 PMFairlane Fan GOH Induction This annual ceremony welcomes the latest Fan Guest of Honor into the hallowed halls of those who came before! Jeff Beeler (M), David M Stein, DI
Saturday4:00 PMFairlane Jamming What makes a good jam session? What can you expect to happen, and how can you be ready for it? Steve Macdonald, Daniel Gunderson, Cathy McManamon
Saturday6:00 PMFairlane Masquerade Muster Mandatory for all competitive entries in the Masquerade. Assemble to muster for the parade, be viewed by the judges, and have optional workmanship judging done. Competitors may enter as Novice, Journeyman, Master or Junior levels. Please be on time. Exhibition entries may attend the Muster or just join the parade, ending at the Masquerade. Pre-Registration for the Masquerade is STRONGLY encouraged. Sign up at OPS.  
Saturday10:00 PMFairlane Theme Circle: The Shallow End A welcoming place for those who would like to sing something, but lack experience and confidence. Any type of material or performance is welcome. No recordings. Mark Bernstein (M)
Saturday11:00 PMFairlane Open Music Circle   
Sunday12:00 PMFairlane Workshop: Barbershipping If folk = filk, then barbershop = barbership. Learn to sing a song by the first filk barbershop quartet- Barbership! Steve Macdonald