Storming The Castle

Friday6:00 PMWarren So This Is Your First ConFusion (Fri) First time at ConFusion, or science fiction conventions in general? Join us to hear about the history of the convention and even a little tour of the con. We'll answer any questions you have (about the con; quantum physics questions are handled elsewhere).  
Saturday1:00 PMWarren AI for Better or Worse There's no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will play some part in our future, but is it good, bad, or both? Panelists will discuss the future of AI, some of its uses, and some of its dangers. Anthony W. Eichenlaub (M), John Winkelman, Derek Kunsken
Saturday2:00 PMWarren American Horror Story An ambitious experiment in anthology television has carried on to its improbably nine millionth season. What's working, what isn't, and what the actual heck is going on? Sarah Hans (M), Sandee Rodriguez, Navah Wolfe
Saturday4:00 PMWarren Let's Talk Season 2: Computer Science! A lighthearted talk on a hard science topics with smart and funny people. Let's Talk: Computer Science will chuckle through the collapse of society as we know it. Come hear how silicon makes better decisions than carbon, protons as data, why you don't need to be Slytherin to study Python, and what we are going to do with the leisure time we will have in 2025. Daniel Dugan (M), John Winkelman, Anthony W. Eichenlaub
Saturday5:00 PMWarren Let's Talk Season 2: Physics! A lighthearted talk on a hard science topics with smart and funny people. Let's Talk: Physics will dive deep into the building blocks of the Universe, the end of space, the future of materials, and will try not to giggle while discussing Super G-Strings. Daniel Dugan (M), David John Baker, Bill Higgins, Karen Burnham
Saturday7:00 PMWarren Communication During the Apocalypse Losing the internet has become a shorthand for the apocalypse in science fiction. When the internet goes down, what other options might we have? From Ham Radio to the postal service to Incan knots carried by trained birds, does losing the internet have to mean instant disaster? Karen Burnham (M), Andrea Johnson, Ken Schrader, Bill Higgins