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Amy Sexsmith


Mike Meneses Posted on8:32 am - Oct 4, 2018

Hi Amy, when I click the pre-registration link, it looks like we need a Registration Code / Password to pre-register? What should we enter?

    Amy Sexsmith Posted on2:21 pm - Nov 19, 2018

    This should have been fixed and I apologize for the late delay in response.


David Haffey Posted on6:10 pm - Dec 5, 2018

I have not previously attended a con. I understand the badges, but what are ribbons? When I buy a badge, do I then also register for various sessions before the con, or are sessions generally open and available for last minute decisions as to which to attend?

Eric Guy Posted on7:14 pm - Dec 8, 2018

What are Ribbons you say?

Well, I’m darn glad you asked:

Some say it was way back in the time of the S.M.O.F.s, the cabal that ran The World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon), the organizers put ribbons on their badges that denoted positions such as “Guest of Honor”, “Con Chair”, “Ops Head”, “Artists”, and “Dealers” and more.

WorldCon attendees took notice and with great glee started making their own, inane, crazed badge ribbons to share with fellow fans.

Soon there were quotes from favorite books, movies & tv shows. Puns & Memes from the darkest parts of the internet. Basically, anything.

That being said, Ribbons are now used by authors, dealers, artists for promotion or just fun, congoers to perpetuate a fannish atmosphere of fun, randomness, and ways to honor favorite authors, books, comics, movies, shows and whatever else they can think of.

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